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A major impact of MADE-PUBLIC is to enable on-demand, public, distributed, and democratized manufacturing of electronic devices using the BEMDI interfaced with existing major materials and manufacturing data platforms. These electronic devices are critical components in the rapidly evolving Internet of Things (IoT).  Distributed manufacturing can lower overall device costs (by saving transportation costs) and make the supply chain more resilient during disruptions (e.g., during a pandemic). We will demonstrate as a prototype the distributed printing of LIB-powered chemical sensors using plant-derived inks. The same platform can be used to print many other sophisticated, biodegradable/recyclable electronic devices using bio-based materials through customization and active learning. The fundamental science on AI/ML, sustainable manufacturing design, and integration of heterogeneous data will be applicable to other manufacturing processes.  We plan to educate, train, engage, and excite diverse student audiences and the public on the proposed future sustainable manufacturing through several new, tailored initiatives.  A cross-institutional Sustainable and Smart Additive Manufacturing of Electronics Certificate Program will be developed for graduate, undergraduate, and community college students, in partnership with Manufacturing USA Institute MxD, community colleges, and the manufacturing incubator mHUB.  Signature outreach programs include Printable Electronics DIY Initiative and Printable Electronic Device Challenge/Hackathon, targeting diverse K-12 and undergraduate students, and a Citizen Science Competition on hydroponic growth of plants, targeting the general public.  Broadening participation efforts will leverage the University of Illinois at Chicago as a Hispanic-Serving Institution and engage women and underrepresented minorities through active recruitment, mentoring and retention, and building an inclusive student community.

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