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Junhong Chen.JPG

Junhong Chen

Printing, field-effect transistor (FET) sensors, LIBs

Stuart Rowan.jpg

Stuart Rowan

Cellulose/lignin extraction from plant-based feedstocks

Jennifer Dunn.png

Jennifer Dunn

TEA, LCA, material flow analysis (MFA), policy

Elizabeth Ainsworth.jpg

Elizabeth Ainsworth

Plant growth and molecular plant biochemistry

Wei Chen (Chen W).jpg

Wei Chen

Design and manufacturing

DoKyoung Lee.jpg

Dokyoung Lee

Hydroponic plant growth and bioenergy grasses, crop science

Santanu Chaudhuri.jpg

Santanu Chaudhuri

Integrated computational materials and mesoscale models

Yuxin Chen (Chen Y).jpg

Yuxin Chen

ML for metrology-driven modification to mesoscale DoE

Rebecca Willett.jpg

Rebecca Willett

Data analytics and ML

Mark Hersam.jpg

Mark Hersam

Functional nanomaterial exfoliation and ink formulation

Jonathan Claussen.jpg

Jonathan Claussen

Electrochemical sensors and printing

Zhiyong Cai.jpg

Zhiyong Cai

Conversion of plant-derived lignin to graphene

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